Our Story

The Copper Fox community believes in tradition and family. What began as a homespun craft quickly turned into an endeavor that nurtures our creativity and ability to change the home environment throughout the seasons just by adding a candle. Candle making allows us to create wonderful gifts, share warmth, light, and stimulate memories through the sense of smell.

We are new to the candle making craft but have enjoyed every moment of the journey; including the moment the candle has a tunnel in the middle after its been carefully poured (that’s a bad thing, trust us), or failed to add enough essential oil to make the candle “stinky” enough.

Inspiration on scents and candle design comes from our Virginia horse country and we enjoy showcasing local artists and craftsmen whenever we can.

The craft of candle making has its roots as far back as 5,000 years and has undergone a variety of physical and chemical incarnations. The old somehow makes itself new again using ingredients found only in nature: soy and bees wax, tallow, cotton or plant-based wicks, and essential oils. That’s where the tradition comes in; the ability to pass on a craft that is still very popular and, of course, functional.

Welcome to the shoppe and candle craft journey. Stop by the shoppe any time and be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and “Let’s Talk Shoppe” Blog; one never knows the unique goodies you may find.


The Copper Fox Shoppe Family